Howard County Public School Partnership

High School Student Award Program

Sundays At Three established a music student award program in 2009 in cooperation with the band and orchestra teachers in the 12 Howard County public high schools.

The program recognizes the outstanding junior year music student who participated in small ensemble performances. The winners are selected by the band and orchestra teachers in each school.

During June of each year, members of the Sundays At Three Board of Directors present the award to the winner during a music class in each school. The award consists of a certificate, a monetary award, and free admission to the entire eight-concert season for the winner’s parents.

Public School System Partnership

Since 2014, Sundays At Three has collaborated with the Howard County Public School System to support its mission of fostering a lifelong appreciation of, enthusiasm for, and participation in music. The collaboration takes the form of at least one outreach program per year in 1-2 elementary or middle schools, as determined by the music instructional facilitator and music teachers, to provide coaching and other instructional services in the classroom.

Sundays At Three also supports concert attendance requirements in music classes through its policy of free admission to high school students with or without a paying adult.

2019 High School Award Winners

Centennial – Leah Mitchell, violin
Glenelg – Max Lu, violin & piano
Hammond – Jenna Dietrich, clarinet & tenor saxophone
Howard – Marlia Nash, trombone
Long Reach – Ciera Hudson, flute, piccolo & piano
Marriotts Ridge – Gloria Cai, cello & piano
Mt. Hebron – Chloe Parkinson, flute
Oakland Mills – Andrew Bray, alto & baritone saxophone
Wilde Lake – Oliver Crossland, bass trombone

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Atholton – Jessica Wang, violin
Centennial – Keegan McCardell, horn
Glenelg – Iris Yourick, bass
Hammond – Zach Lee, violin
Howard – Catherine Chung, violin
Long Reach – Caleb Park, cello
Marriotts Ridge – William McIntyre, viola
Mt. Hebron – Carl Zhang, violin
Oakland Mills – Kayla Compson, cello
River Hill – Simon Barn, cello
Wilde Lake – Kurt Knoernschild, alto saxophone


Atholton – Joshua Kim, violin
Centennial – Jisoo Choi, viola
Hammond – Ina O’Ryan, cello
Howard – Jamie Tsao, clarinet
Long Reach – Brian Plitt, percussion
Marriotts Ridge – Rachel Choi, violin
Mt. Hebron – Jennifer Jung, violin
Oakland Mills – William Mah, viola
Reservoir – Amy Park, violin
River Hill – Megan Rabe, violin
Wilde Lake – Bailey Dicus, cello, guitar and bass


Atholton – Teddy Hersey, bass
Centennial – Siri Neerchal, violin and viola
Glenelg – Brandon Hall, percussion
Hammond – Emma Denlinger, violin
Howard – Alec West, bass
Long Reach – Aaron Park, piano and trumpet
Marriotts Ridge – Samuel Lam, cello
Mt. Hebron – Kenny Wang, clarinet
Oakland Mills – Kaleo Ngo, clarinet
Reservoir – Sean Custer, piano and clarinet
River Hill – Jennifer Zhang, violin
Wilde Lake – Zachary Johnson, trombone


Atholton – Hana Takemoto, cello
Centennial – Lisa Choi, flute
Glenelg – Ryan Synk, double bass
Hammond – Samuel Harley, trombone
Howard – Ben Jacobs, double bass
Long Reach – Naomi Shin, violin
Marriotts Ridge – Sophie Moock, violin
Mt. Hebron – Drew Tymann, bassoon
Oakland Mills – Debjit Biswas, violin
Reservoir – Ethan Kim, saxophone
River Hill – Celina Shih, piano and cello
Wilde Lake – Raphael Erfe, violin


Atholton – Lauren Kantelis, bassoon
Centennial – Eric Villanyi, oboe
Glenelg – Richmond Wang, violin
Hammond – Austin Pardue, flute
Howard – Winnie Tsao, cello
Long Reach – Emily Park, violin
Marriotts Ridge – Alisa Hwang, cello
Mt. Hebron – Phillip Shulman, French horn
Oakland Mills – Alexa Kanakry, cello
Reservoir – Kayla Krammes, violin
River Hill – David Wang, violin
Wilde Lake – Jordan Moore, euphonium/trombone


Atholton – Benjamin Park, violin
Centennial – Sehyun Cho, clarinet
Glenelg – Robert Mason, cello
Hammond – Brian Williams, bassoon
Howard – Quinton Williams, trumpet
Long Reach – John Shin, cello
Marriotts Ridge – Minji Kim, violin
Mt. Hebron – Song Lee, violin
Oakland Mills – Tyler Hart, tenor saxophone
Reservior – Michael Baptiste, French horn
River Hill – Atman Panigrahi, flute
Wilde Lake – Ilana Malkin, cello


Atholton – Caroline Dong, violin
Centennial – Joshua Kim, cello
Glenelg – Theresa Rizk, violin
Hammond – Jenny Wegman, clarinet
Howard – Nathan Wagner, violin
Long Reach – Camila Agosto, viola
Marriotts Ridge – Mary Lin, cello
Mt. Hebron – Spencer Jefferson, oboe
Oakland Mills – Caleb Lee, french horn
Reservior – Wyeth Aleksei, trumpet
River Hill – Mingan Yu, viola
Wilde Lake – Simon Fines, flute


Atholton – Frances Takemoto, violin
Centennial – Clarissa Rous, flute
Glenelg – Hunter McDonough, cello
Hammond – Alison Curry, violin
Howard – Ted McAllister, viola
Long Reach – Jae Kim, violin
Marriotts Ridge – Woojin Han, violin
Mt. Hebron – Page Durr, horn & percussion
Oakland Mills – Matt Hemler, trumpet
Reservior – Carey Locke, cello
River Hill – Joseph Zia, violin & piano
Wilde Lake – Abigail Malkin, violin


Atholton – Nikki Francisco, clarinet & saxophone
Centennial – Ann Yeh, cello
Glenelg – Paul Wissman, clarinet
Hammond – Grace Owens, trombone
Howard – Dominique Hoskins, string bass
Long Reach – Jessica Sachs, oboe
Marriotts Ridge – Brian Kim, violin
Mt. Hebron – Jacqui Symon, bassoon
Oakland Mills – Jenny Lehtonen, flute
Reservior – William Nham, violin
River Hill – Acadia Kocher, trumpet
Wilde Lake – Elizabeth Eber, oboe


Atholton – Natalie Hogg, percussion
Centennial – Mulong Li, clarinet
Glenelg – Sarah Shin, cello
Hammond – Gregory Szalkowski, cello
Howard – Grace Thistle, oboe
Long Reach – Kevin Hutt, violin
Marriotts Ridge – Sarah Hess, piano
Mt. Hebron – Kevin Bao, flute & piano
Oakland Mills – Haley Payne, horn
Reservior – Annie Park, violin
River Hill – Vincent Gover, horn
Wilde Lake – Arielle Miller, percussion