The First Concert: December 28, 1997

Sundays At Three was founded in 1997 to continue what the late Daniel Malkin began in 1994 

In 1994, Daniel Malkin, a gifted 30 year-old cellist and teacher, was inspired to offer chamber music to a broader audience by organizing concerts on Sunday afternoons in Columbia. With the help of his wife, Wonju Kim, a Baltimore Symphony Orchestra violinist, he planned the concerts, engaged the artists—all of them from among his and his wife’s colleagues—arranged for the venue, composed the written programs, picked them up after they were printed, and acted as master of ceremonies. He encouraged the artists to talk about the music so audiences would better understand what they were to hear. He named the organization Music in Common.

Sadly, Mr. Malkin died of cancer in April, 1997 at the age of 33.

Six months after he died, a group of classical music lovers and musicians, all of whom lived in Columbia or elsewhere in Howard County, gathered to discuss forming a new chamber music organization to continue what Daniel Malkin had begun.

Sundays At Three was the product of that effort. One of its founders, Rev. James M. Shields, Rector of Christ Episcopal Church in Columbia at that time, was elected its first president. He offered to rent the church to Sundays At Three for its concerts. It had been built only a few years earlier. The sanctuary is a two story room with a balcony, a soaring ceiling, an abundance of natural light, excellent  acoustics, and seating for 300—clearly, a wonderful setting for chamber music.

The first Sundays At Three concert, a fundraiser, took place on December 28, 1997. The program featured Baltimore’s Hilary Hahn, who at age 18 was already recognized as one of the most promising young violinists in the world. She performed with another outstanding young Baltimore musician, pianist Eric Conway. Ms. Hahn donated her performance fee, thereby becoming one of Sundays At Three’s earliest benefactors.

First Board of Directors
Rev. James M. Shields, President
Phyllis Stern Brown, Vice President
Henry Lehmann, Treasurer
Brenda Bell, Secretary
Bruce Moore
James Vincent

First Artistic Committee
Tom Benjamin
Amy Controulis
Mari Matsumoto
Ronald Mutchnik

Current Board of Directors
Harry Glass, President
Mary Ratcliffe, Vice President
Don DeGeorge, Treasurer
Nancy Berla, Secretary
Ronald Mutchnik, Artistic Director
Judy Canahuati, ticket sales
Fay Rosinsky, outreach

The Sundays At Three board is not only its governing body, but the group of volunteers who do the work required to plan and present each concert.

Christ Episcopal Church, Columbia Maryland:
the location of Sundays At Three Concerts.

Brian Ganz Piano Recital